Why We're Different

We like to call it our "unfair" advantage. This is what sets us apart.

Reasonable Pricing

Reasonable Pricing

Low cost, not low brow

No hotel agreements. No profit sharing.

Crate AV bases our prices on a fraction of the item purchase cost. You'll never pay more to rent something than you would to just buy it.

We also never charge a service fee.

  • Equipment pricing is based on the scope of your event, not a per day price.

  • Never pay for equipment on a setup day.

  • "Third Party AV Fees" reimbursed via rebates on our invoices*.

Small and flexible

We pride ourselves on a small team and a collection of humble warehouses.

Low overhead means savings we can pass on to our clients.

Small, But Mighty

Small, But Mighty

  • We never work on commission.

  • No sales associates means no hard sell.

  • Plan your event with an AV professional who knows the equipment.

Strategic Warehouses

Strategic Warehouses

Scale Up

We have locations throughout the country to provide equipment and talent for your next event.

We partner with trusted vendors to meet your extended needs during your event, shedding long term cost.

  • Pay flat setup and strike fees, with no surprises.

  • Never pay mandatory labor minimums. We charge for time worked.


*Third Party AV Charge rebates require proof of billing and are limited to:
$250 on events above $2250
$500 on events above $3650
$1500 on events above $11250