What are Pro Services?

Pro Services is when our talented team of Audio Visual technicians come to your venue of choice, set up and run your event.

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What are DIY Rentals?

“Do It Yourself” Rentals are items you can rent from us with or without Pro Services. They arrive to your venue, office or home. Shipping is always free. We include instructions and 24/7 support. When you’re done, you return them using our pre-paid shipping label.

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What is a CollaboCrate™ Package?
A CollaboCrate™ Package is a complete kit of audio visual equipment that allows you to set up your own AV for any meeting, conference, or event. All of our Crates include a 3200 Lumen or brighter LCD projector, a brand new projection screen, sound bar, wireless slide advancer, conference speakerphone, and all the cables and adaptors you need.
Are you accredited by the Better Business Bureau? (BBB)
Can I rent items separately?

Yes, you can also rent individual items in our online rental store or by calling us at 1-888-982-8736.

I don't want to buy a screen. Why do you not have a DIY rental option?

No joke: brand new projection screens are cheaper to buy and ship than it is to ship you an old projection screen and have it returned to us. This method is far more cost effective and much friendlier on the environment, too.

Still don’t want to keep the screen? Reach out to us at info@crate-av.com and we can recommend a local charity that will pick it up.

Can I deliver a presentation with a CollaboCrate™ package?
Absolutely. Just connect your laptop, tablet or other device, and you can deliver a powerpoint, watch video, browse the web, do a product demo, or anything else you can think of. You can even watch the Superbowl or Oscars!
We support connecting VGA and HDMI and even include an adaptor to connect your Mac or Surface Pro.


How many guests can I share with?
All depends! With our Pro Services, we routinely handle meetings of upwards of 500 attendees.
Our DIY CollaboCrate Package works best for meetings and gatherings of 100 people or less. Our CollaboCrate’s include screens which are easily visible from about 35 feet away. Already have a bigger screen? Our 3200-3500 lumen projectors can be placed further back, creating even larger images.
What about sound?
Our Pro Services division is equipped to handle any audio needs.

Our DIY sound equipment does simulated surround sound and work well for groups of 50 attendees or less.

What else do I need?

A space to meet in is the only other thing you need! It could be a hotel, meeting room, conference center, restaurant, lounge, airport… you name it! The possibilities are endless!

Just FYI: Our projectors work best when placed on a steady, level surface, such as a table or a stand, so you may want to double check that your meeting space has something like this.

Does my meeting venue need to provide a phone line for the conference speakerphone?
Nope! The conference speakerphone connects to all phones via Bluetooth. It’s a painless pairing process similar to connecting your phone to your car. This way, you can use your unlimited minutes to make your conference calls and not accrue any phone line charges at your venue. Tricky!


Are batteries included?

Yes! If anything in CollaboCrate requires batteries, we include them!

Does this work with a Mac? Or a Surface Pro?

Yes! Adaptors are included in our CollaboCrate packages. Or they can be added on as an a la carte item to individual rentals.

Why are your prices so low?
Many monstrous AV companies have agreements with hotels and conference facilities to do what’s called profit sharing. This means a monster AV company gives about 50% of the rental rate to the venue before they even see a dime. They pass these expenses on to you, the customer. So if you think about, you’re paying twice!
Big AV companies also have a lot of overhead with labor and insurance. Our delivery team doesn’t come inside your venue, set up or break down your CollaboCrate. As a small business with low overhead and no revenue sharing, we are able to pass these savings on to you and save you big money.
I've found lower prices elsewhere. What's up?

Don’t get fooled by the hype. Good HD projectors of 3200 lumens or more cost around $800-$1000 new. Many AV companies renting cheap projectors for under $80 a week, are likely renting you a dusty, dirty, old, dim projector — probably with an old bulb, too!

We cycle all our projectors out after a year of use, ensuring you’re always getting modern and fresh equipment. Plus, we’re the only AV rental company that lets you keep your screen for re-use!

Can I take my CollaboCrate to go?
You can take CollaboCrate and its contents anywhere you want. Travel with it. Move it from venue to venue. Use it to rehearse at home and then take it to your meeting. It’s up to you.


Can I use a screen other than the one you send me?

Yes. Our projectors can shoot beautiful, bright images, as wide as 15 feet.

Is a CollaboCrate good for weddings? Parties?
Absolutely. CollaboCrate is a simple and affordable way to show a slideshow, film, or other visual media at a wedding reception, or any kind of party!
What if I need to extend my rental?

Call us right away at 1-888-982-8736 and we’ll do everything we can to extend your rental.

Something in my CollaboCrate doesn’t seem to be working and I’ve tried everything. I think I need a replacement. What do I do?
Call us right away at 1-888-982-8736.
We’ve got backup components standing by and will rush them to your location to swap it out. We want to minimize your down time and get you back to using all the pieces of your CollaboCrate as soon as possible.


Do I need to be a genius to set up my CollaboCrate?
Absolutely not. We’ve even color-coded everything to make setup a snap.
What if I have technical difficulties?
CollaboCrate offers 24/7 support with our Rent & Relax Guarantee.
Also, every connectable cable of a CollaboCrate is color-coded for easy setup.
Don’t forget: Big AV companies work hard to scare you and make you think you are technically inferior. Yes, technology malfunctions sometimes, but between our troubleshooting resources and our 24/7 support, we’re here for you.
But what if I still need help?
If searching our help database still left you feeling confused, you can also call us any time for additional support:

CollaboCrate also offers programs that provide replacement equipment from a local provider, or, include backup equipment with your order, so mission-critical events can continue when the unlikely occurs. Call us to chat about these options.

Can you ship your CollaboCrate to my venue?

Yes, we ship to homes, offices and other venues within the 48 United States.

We also offer free delivery and pickup to the Atlanta, GA area.

What if we are tax exempt?
Contact us with your rental inquiry at info@crate-av.com and we’ll get you connected with a tax free order.


Do you hold or authorize any additional funds?
We only charge you the rate of your rental at the time you secure the rental.
If I lose or break items in my CollaboCrate, am I responsible?
Well first, contact us so we can get you a replacement and get you back to your meeting.
Second, of the rentals at CollaboCrate include Accidental Damage Insurance.
Accidental Damage Insurance covers things like accidental bumps, drops, scrapes, cracks, and scuffs. If any of this type of damage should render an item unusable in any way, you’ll only pay for 10% of the replacement or authorized repair.
Accidental Damage Insurance does not cover intentional damage, damage by liquid for any reason, or damage caused by spikes in voltage. You should use all of our items behind a proper circuit breaker, GFCI outlet, or power surge protected switch.
If an item becomes damaged or missing, due to loss or theft, while in possession of the client, the client is responsible for the replacement cost, plus a 10% fee when applicable.
Damaged and lost equipment is part of the AV rental business. Despite all the scary stuff our lawyers make us include, at the end of the day, we’ll always work with you on getting things fixed and restored as fairly and expediently as possible.