Pro Audio Equipment

Need to be heard loud, but don’t want to shatter your budget? Crate Audio Visual has the audio solutions for your next event that meet your needs and your budget.

We can rent you DIY equipment that you set up yourself, or connect you with a Pro that will set it up and optionally operate it for you.

Compact Audio Rentals

Compact Audio Rentals

Tiny, but mighty

Rent compact audio speakers with big sound. Ideal for smaller engagements for under 100 people: DJs, presenters, solo musicians, small bands, intimate weddings and more.

Portable Public Address

Portable Public Address

Powerful and portable

Rent a portable PA system. Ideal for groups of up to 400 people. Connect all the microphones and other audio inputs you need. Go wireless or stay wired.

Wedding Audio Packages

Wedding Audio Packages

I do, out loud

Ensure every word of your vows is heard. Add music cues for your ceremony. Or host a reception and be your own DJ. We have the wedding audio package that's right for you.

Line Arrays

we will rock you

Full Line Array systems help bring major events and shows to life. Reach thousands of people in an audience with powerful audio hardware and the expertise to operate it.

Catchbox rentals.

Engage and enjoy

Rent a Catchbox at your next event to have a fun and engaging way to stimulate Q&A, converstaion, insight and team building.