Restaurant Audio Visual Presentations: Tips and Tricks

Hosting a meeting or event at a restaurant can make the audio visual portion a bit tricky.

Most restaurants, lounges and bars are built without considering optimum viewing angles. And many restaurants actually strive to have poor acoustics. They don’t want sound to travel at all, and for good reason!

That’s why, when it comes to hosting a presentation in a restaurant, you’ll want to consider the following tips and tricks when it comes to the Audio Visual equipment you rent:

  • Short Throw Projectors work best in tight and awkward spaces. Most restaurants won’t have a simple spot that is best for placing a screen and projector, and because space can be limited, we suggest renting a short throw projector to get the largest image possible out of a tighter space.

  • Consider multiple screens. Whether you’re renting projectors or LCD monitors, showing a presentation to a large audience in a restaurant can be difficult, especially if the restaurant doesn’t have one large open space. This can be resolved by placing multiple smaller screens at strategic locations throughout the restaurant.

  • Consider multiple speakers. Just like the above, multiple speakers helps spread the music or announcements throughout the environment. Consider this especially if you are buying out an entire restaurant with multiple rooms or tucked away lounges & bars.

  • Be ready with Wi-Fi. Unlike meeting rooms in hotels, Wi-Fi in restaurants can be very hit or miss. If a portion of your program requires a mission critical connection to the Internet, we strongly suggest renting a Wi-Fi hotspot so you know you won’t miss a beat, no matter what the restaurant offers.

Crate Audio Visual can assist you in make your next restaurant hosted meeting or event a success. They many years of experience perfecting events in restaurants, and are happy to facilitate walkthroughs of your venue to ensure a flawless presentation.

Call us at (888) 982 8736 to schedule your restaurant walk through and get a quote for Audio Visual rentals today.